Monday, February 16, 2009

premature spring cleaning

I have the bug! The Spring Fever Bug. I want spring to be here. I am looking forward for the morning I wake up and smell it in the air. But until that happens I will have to pretend it is here, so today I gutted my kitchen, I cleaned out all the cupboards, and under everything, even re waxed the floors. (my floors are really ugly though, i should not draw attention to them) It took me all day, but I am proud with the results. Okay it did make me notice that the rest of the house is in a "National State of Emergency"! LOL

Got to get back to work! Just remember to love life!


Erin said...

Wow, you have more ambition than I do. Way to go. I hate cleaning. Does anyone want to do it for me?

Small House said...

I'm with you there. Enough of winter. I started spring cleaning to. AHHHHH. I'll never get it all done.
Have a good day.